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Contact and Clarendon only buy paper stock from qualified ‘Chain-of-Custody’ certified paper manufacturers and suppliers.

Environmental paper

There are many industry environmental standards in the paper industry with many certifying organisations. What Contact and Clarendon Printing believes to be more important to our customers and the end users of paper is that paper used for their product can be guaranteed from an identified source and that the degree of ‘Green’ or Environmental standard has been qualified. Totally chlorine Free, sourced from sustainable forests, made with renewable energy, made with Chain-of–Custody fibre are some to name just a few. We are taking steps to implement an Environment Management System (EMS) that will give our customers the confidence they need to deal with us as an environmentally aware printer. As part of this new Environment Management System initiative will be measuring our Carbon Footprint and investing in Carbon Offsetting schemes we have taken the steps to help us become carbon neutral.

Go with the grain

Wood, the main source of paper is a perfect renewable and sustainable resource, provided it isn’t being clear felled. To ensure the paper you are buying has come from a forest managed according to international agreed social and environmental standards, all paper manufacturers have signed up to one, or several, internationally recognised sustainable forest ‘chain-of-custody’ certifications. This process is a guarantee that the virgin wood fibre used in the paper’s manufacture is harvested from ‘certified wood fibre’. The customer can be assured that the paper ordered is qualified right throughout all processes until it is delivered to you. This Chain of Custody certification saves old growth forests, reduces greenhouse effect and helps support sustainable industry.

Recycled if you wish

A business is not truly recycling unless it buys recycled products.

Recycled paper uses up to 90% less water and half the energy required to make paper from virgin timber, yet less than 5% of the 1.2 million tonnes of printing and writing paper used in Australia each year has recycled content.

Once recycled papers were avoided because they looked inferior to virgin stock. It is now difficult to spot the difference with most environmental paper. Manufacturers are now guaranteeing recycled paper for virtually all commercial use.

What we do to help you stay green

  • Use only vegetable oil based inks for printing
  • Recycle all paper waste
  • Recycle all printing plates used in the printing process
  • Recycle all used chemicals used in the printing and plate making process
  • Reduce hazardous chemical use and generated waste
  • Identify environmental risks and opportunities and reduce energy consumption.